Contains Me

Posted on December 4, 2012


Strive for wit, failing that, truth is a viable option.  Welcome to my corner of the interwebs.  I hope you enjoy it.  Failing that, I hope you learn something.  Failing that, why are you here?

I have never lacked for confidence in my mental gifts.  That’s why I’ve started this blog.  Sharing my opinions with friends and family is great, but my ego balloon needs the occasional prick.

So the details.  I’m shamelessly progressive.  A skeptic.  A firm believer in the power of knowledge.  I am opinionated, stubborn, and willing to argue.  I am eclectic in my interests and the posts will reflect it.

I am married with two children and two dogs who will make occasional appearances.  It’s my blog and I can do that.  I will write about politics, books, science, and games.  Or whatever else.


That is all.

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