Even fallen, still my hero

Posted on December 6, 2012


I rode my bike to work today.  I used it to commute during the summer but this is the first time I have ridden in cold weather.  It was 37 degrees this morning.  I was comfortable, one of the most comfortable rides I have taken this year.  The reason for that was proper layering with all the Livestrong apparel I bought over the past 2 weeks.  Which, taking the long road, brings me to the subject of this post.

First, my opinion on drugs in sports.  I don’t care.  I don’t care if consenting adults make a reasoned decision to eke out an advantage.  Drugs are part of sports.  Babe Ruth did greenies.  The NFL couldn’t exist without copious amounts of painkillers.  And if you think PED use isn’t rampant in the NFL I have some timeshares on the Moon to sell you.  Eddie Merckx, the acknowledged greatest cyclist ever, tested positive 3 times.  There is money and ego involved.  People will cheat.  Archers cheat and there isn’t a great deal of money involved.

Game theory says people will seek an advantage.  Professional athletes are living in the same rarefied percentage as our financial elites.  They are the 1% of the 1% of the population.  The level of competition is insane.  Both groups seek every advantage they can.  Both groups are faced with the fact that cheating is hard to define, find, and is rarely punished.  The benefits and rewards of cheating far outweigh the risks.

Did Lance Armstrong cheat?  Probably.  On one hand there are 500 tests without a positive result.  On the other there is a great deal of eyewitness testimony and anecdotal evidence.  Either he is an evil genius or the system is broken.

And I don’t care.

Lance Armstrong inspired millions to get on a bike.  Livestrong has helped millions more in their struggles against cancer and the battles that cancer survivors face.

Yes he probably cheated.  But they can’t give his titles to anyone else because the closest competition cheated as well.  We live in a world of greys.  I believe that the good this man has done outweighs any “evil” he may have done.  This time the ends did justify the means.

Lance  Armstrong is still a hero.  He’s just muddy like the rest of us.

That is all.


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