He has traded integrity for power, and speaks only hate

Posted on December 21, 2012


Fred Clark, said in this blog post, that he feels bad for James Dobson.  I respect Mr. Clark.  His blog is one of my favorite reads.  I can’t agree with him on this.

What Dobson said on his radio show on Monday is inexcusable.

My parents listened to christian radio as I was growing up.  I had this man’s swill and toxic intolerance in my head for a long time.  He speaks hate and tries to pass it off as love, peace and christianity.   No one who actually believes any of those things can could say this.  If someone were searching for a reason as to why I am not christian and become atheist that he can claim to be a man of god is one of them.

Dobson long ago traded integrity for power.  He choose to side with politicians who always vote against the best interests of the largest percentage of those whom he claims to advocate for.  He is someone who claims to be prolife but is not antiwar.

In his own parlance he is a mouthpiece for Satan veiled in the appearance of righteousness.

I wish hell were real so that people like Dobson could suffer the damnation they believe in.

That is all.

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