This week in failure.

Posted on January 1, 2013


In the deepest heart of my bottom I dream of not having to go to work, to do so well with writing that it is my only job.

Then I get some vacation time where all I have to do is write and the failbomb explodes and showers me in fail stink.

So I’ve failed at 90 days in a row, excluding weekends.  Normally I would let the overwhelming weight of my own self loathing crush me into submission but it’s a new year.  Resolutions and such.  So counter reset.  90 days starts again.

I haven’t been getting up to go to the gym in the morning either.  That’s an issue since I’ve committed to run a half marathon in April, and to do an Ironman triathlon in September of 2014.  Being a lazy bastard is a contraindicated strategy for both of those things.

The posts will be flowing again.  By next Friday I will be putting up short fiction again.  Every week.  Blog posts are easy, for the most part.  I love writing fiction but I always find it challenging to be god of my universe.  This post will take me fifteen or twenty minutes.  Many times the same amount of fiction writing will take double or triple the time.  I also want to start submitting to venues that pay.  I feel if I’m going to suffer I may as well try to fatten the wallet.

Everyone will get progress reports from the gym as well.  Because it’s my tarp dammit and I can smear it with whatever I want.

I have Microsoft certification tests to pass because I really want a raise.  I also need to brush up on my maths because I want to go back to school.

There is also the pending release of the Dark Angels codex for 40k.  Since I have the Deathwing, all of them, and the Ravenwing, all of them, as well as an entire company of Space Marines in dresses, I should finish painting them.  All told that’s about 350 to 400 models.  I think that might be a two year project.

Happy New Year to me.  I promise I’ll get back to work.

That is all.


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