Running sucks

Posted on January 9, 2013


My auto publish didn’t work correctly so this is going up a day late.

I can ride a bike 100 or more miles.  I enjoy riding my bike that long.  I can’t run 2 miles right now.

Running sucks.

I am running a 1/2 marathon in April.  Since the furthest I have ever run is 4 miles, 13 years ago, this will take some effort.

I picked up the 12 week training plan that Training Peaks was giving away at Christmas.  I have run 5 miles the past two days.  And it took a long time.  Way back in my youth I could run a six minute mile.  I could run two of them in succession.  I am so far from that it’s ridiculous.

Tomorrow is cross training and weights.  Hooray bike!

That is all.


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