Stolen Moments

Posted on January 23, 2013


Work has become a shit slog.

I am arriving 30 minutes early, leaving sixty minutes late, and working through my lunch.  We have two people to do break/fix for almost six hundred users, each with at least three devices.  The work tickets are multiplying like rats and we can’t get a grip on them.  Corporate America is so much fun I could puke.

When I get home I want nothing more than to sit and read for an hour or two but there are the children and cooking and a spouse who sometimes even wants to be in the same room with me.  When everyone else is asleep and I’m sitting alone because my brain just won’t slow down I should sit at the computer and just write but it’s ten feet away and I just want to go the fuck to sleep.

I started this blog with a goal to write something, anything, everyday.  I adjusted when I saw a short term goal that would make my long term goals more feasible.  But always I had to write during the moments in between.  I had to, have to, write in stolen moments at work, when the kids are occupied, when my spouse is humming happily away on a tangent unrelated to me.

I know that if I am to make this work, if I am to realize any of my goals with this, I have to be more zealous in stealing those moments.  But the work won’t go away, and sometimes I just want to go the fuck to sleep.

That is all.

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