I wash my hands of you

Posted on February 6, 2013


Fuck off Games Workshop.

I’m going to dip down into the deep and petty and the vile for this one.

Where do you assholes get the balls for this?  I’ve seen your pictures in your piss rag of an advertiesment you make people pay for.  Between the lot of the male members of your staff you couldn’t put together a full set.

Fuck Amazon too, for going along with this and not sending Games Workshop a reply that conists entirely of this.

Your shithouse operation has been stealing others’ ideas for years.  Necrons are terminators.  The Tyranids are Alien Xenomorphs.  Shit, your dead Emperor is straight jacked from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.  And you think you can get away with claiming trademark on a term of art that’s been used since at least 1936?

Robert Heinlein just visitied your dead Emperor and told him he’s a shitbird.

Speaking of, why didn’t you go after the Heinlein estate?  They have ebooks available on Amazon.  They use space marine in their books.  Oh, that’s right, they wouldn’t even give you the courtesy of a reach around when they were finished with you.

Enough venom.

I’m done with your hobby and your company.  I will not buy any more of your product.  I will not attend anymore of your conventions or tournaments.  I won’t read any more blogs devoted to your product.  Which means I have to be a dick to some of my friends.  Games Workshop has made me a dick.  That’s at least as valid a statement as their trademark claim on space marine in science fiction.  I won’t be doing the review of the latest codex I was planning.

You’re bullies.  Nothing more.  Sterotypical nerds trying to get some back.  You deserve the treatment that all bullies and sterotypes should get.  To be ignored and forgotten.

I’m done.

Anyone up for a game of Warmachine?

That is all.