So that happened

Posted on November 30, 2015


I love that phrase.

I won Nanowrimo.  Which means I won the right to write another 30k to 40k words.  I’m excited.

This is the first time in my adult life passion and priority have lined up.  That’s not to say I haven’t ignored priority for passion, but I’m older now.  It’s possible age is bringing the first glimmer of wisdom.

I am at a place in the real world job that allows me to take two months and burn all my spare time writing.  It’s a new job and it’s not chewing my mind and soul down into little tiny bits and stomping them into the dirt.  For the first time in four years I don’t wake up hating the day before it starts.  That’s more important than I realized.

There’s also an open submission period coming from a publisher I really like.  I need to have something to submit.  The window opens tomorrow and closes at the end of January.  I’ll be able to throw what there asking for at them by the middle of December.

But to be honest, the most important part was three sentences from two people.

Getting beta readers is a trial.  I didn’t think it would be and maybe for some it isn’t.  But my circle of friends and associates aren’t functioning very well in the role.  I’ve managed to get feedback on the first fifteen thousands words from a grand total of two of them.  The first simply said, “I want the rest of this.”  The second asked, “Have you read anything by Patrick Rothfuss.  This reads like something he would write.”

To the first.  Awesome.  Let me get it finished.  To the second, no, but I’ve been meaning to.  Now I have to wait.  But awesome, let me finish.

It’s amazing what the validation of two people not related to you means.  It really is time for me to put-up or shut-up.  And at least in the month of November, I’m putting-up.

That is all.



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