Nano Hangover

Posted on December 3, 2015


Not really though.  I was hoping to get more done last month but since it was the highest output I’ve ever had I don’t know how realistic that is.  Of the five verified pros I buddied up with one of them outpaced me by almost 2 to 1, once wrote 5k more words than I did.  The other three wrote less than I did to varying degrees.  So more positive for me.

In the three full days since I hit the 50k mark for nano and the 71k overall I’ve written another 5400 words.  According to Scrivener I’m at 76,428 words for the manuscript.  I’m sticking to the schedule I used last month.  It’s 30 to 50 minutes of writing at work and a couple two three four at home.  Monday I did 500 words and the rough outline for what’s left.  Tuesday was 3400 hundred.  Yesterday was 1500 hundred.  Yesterday is the day I’m most proud of.  The news for those of us located in the United States was less than optimal.  For me it added to a general sense of anger and frustration.  I had difficulties focusing.  After two hours I had 200 words.  But for the first time I can remember I was able to push through and get a respectable word count for the day.  I’m not sure they’re good words, but the internets keeps saying the first draft doesn’t have to have good words.  I think I may be old now, and less prone to get lost wandering in the fever swamps of my own issues.

Scrivener has a fun feature in projects statistics.  Beneath the word counts it has a the number of printed pages in paperback format for the manuscript.  It makes it more tangible.

There is still a long post in the planning about fear and politics and letting others manipulate us into believing we’re small.   But it can’t be done now because I have to focus my writing efforts.  I am closer to the finish line than ever before and I’m not tripping now.

That is all.


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