Argle Bargle

Posted on December 10, 2015


I’ve written just over 18000 words in the past nine days.  Yay.

I missed the self imposed deadline though.  I’ll be finished this weekend.  I will, I really, really will.

Tuesday night was bad.  There are advantages to being a touch typist.  I can let my head bounce like a bobble head doll while I’m writing.  I can see all the pretty things.  The downside is that when I’m falling asleep at the keyboard strange words appear and then there is the one long string of a single letter.  In this case it was dddddddddddddddddddddddddddd.

As late as July I would have let missing a self imposed deadline smash me into the ground for a while.  My headspace is much healthier right now.  The change in jobs has been more worthwhile than I imagined.  If you can get yourself out of a toxic work environment, do it.

When I revised the outline for the end of the book I thought I had about 20000 words left.  Then I thought it might only be 10000.  I crossed that second threshold last night.  Now I think there’s probably somewhere between 10 and 15k words left.  That’s means I’ll have plenty I can axe.

That is all.

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