I got it!

Posted on January 16, 2016


My first rejection!

I’m relieved.

My reaction surprised the spouse.

There are so many moving pieces in this process. Everything I’ve seen so far says most agents will pick up maybe half a dozen new clients a year. The prolific ones maybe a dozen. I’m trying to query two or three agents a day. Research says to query about fifty and then wait for all the responses. Then query another fifty. My process so far has been to query someone I really hope will represent me and then query someone who is either a moonshot or whose guidelines are very similar to someone I’ve already queried. Try not to sound like a robot in the recycled submission. That part’s difficult because I’m sixty percent machine.

Wait, that last is the hope and dream.

This rejection is from an agent in category two. Said agent was a bit of a moonshot. Zhe (I’m using that instead of he/she. My blog, my shortcuts) has a pretty full list of clients and was upfront about it in the submission guidelines. I queried this agent because of the clients but also because of the stated seven to ten day response time. Zhe took eight. Pretty sure it was a form rejection. I didn’t make it far past the, “I’m sorry.”  I was expecting this one, and it’s great to get a response, but rejections still hurts a little and I’ll deal with the full thing tomorrow.

So to the agent who is probably going to be the first of many rejections I have only one thing to say.

Thank you for working on the weekend.

That is all.

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