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More words I’ve already written

October 7, 2016


They stood in a valley surrounded by olive trees.  Alvah sneezed.  He hated the damn things.  They always made his eyes water and his throat clog. “Did we have to do this here?” “I like the trees.  I always visit this valley when we travel here.  Also the spirits here are different.  Less tame.  They […]


September 2, 2016


The Greysoul’s will, the Greysoul’s presence, fills the room.  In twenty-thousand years, he has never turned the full weight of what he is on someone.  He does now. Ajbars desperately throws attack after attack.  Anton deflects the first two with a wave of his hand.  The third he stops with a small act of will.  […]

Nanowrimo, Chuck Wendig, Things!

November 23, 2015


There’s something else. Maria strains. She hears a sound like that of the feeders but so deep, so powerful it almost can’t be heard, only felt. The approaching tremor of Juggernaut. The glowing monster looks up from it horrific play, wary suddenly. She sees it tense, sees it start to surge when a lamprey maw […]

Follow Into the Dark- Chapter 1

January 25, 2013


I will post a few chapters of what I am working on over the next two months or so. Please give me feedback on this.  Liked it, hated it, why you liked or hated it, the normal.  But please, if you do leave a comment, make sure to give me more than loved it or […]

My review: Cold Days by Jim Butcher

December 26, 2012


I have not been reading the Dresden File books from the beginning.  I have read all of them, but I started with Dead Beat, because, you know, a T-Rex in downtown Chicago.  After that I started with the beginning of the series. That is probably where everyone should start.  Butcher may be trapped by his […]

Old Gods, New Faces

December 18, 2012


“Lord, we have found nothing.” The great, bearded figure turned his gaze to the servant.  “He is coming.  He wants his day returned.” The twisted figure bowed, then left the room. Odin sighed and tried to rub the exhaustion from his eyes.  The fact of both eyes still startled him.  The Alfar and given their […]