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Science be awesome.

January 3, 2013


Glad for this because I despise supersymmetry. Maybe the answer is somewhere in here. I volunteer. I think I might be to lazy for this. It’s all in the spin. The difference between us and dinosaurs is we can think about these things. Advertisements

It’s the day after Xmas. Do you know where your links are at?

December 26, 2012


Yes it will and can we quit calling it a cliff? Power without loss. We’re not living in a simulation because a simulation would make sense. I love it when smart people break out the goad. Better watch out. If we do not change our children should sacrifice us to appease an angry planet. But […]

For those of you who care, DARK ANGELS

December 20, 2012


I am overly giddy about this. Because you should. I said this would be a feature. Those who pursued this were cheerleaders for letting our contractors die in Iraq as well as for the slaughter of countless Iraqi civilians. Something that makes higher education more affordable?  Kill it with fire! Remember kids, the economy always […]

Science yesterday. Anger today.

December 19, 2012


Tell the big lie that no one can believe you lie. He’s right.  We do need to ask this question. The answer is we are taught violence is part of masculinity. Just read everything he puts on the site. Listen, assholes, guns do kill people. There are no gods but Gun. We are a failed […]

I have no title.

December 18, 2012


Remember, they had no concept of the wheel. This is a story seed if ever I saw one. Our sun not formed by a bang? Hee hee.  If you can’t adapt, you’ll die.  They can’t do it soon enough. This should terrify, everyone. I wish this would matter, but HSBC proves it won’t.     […]

For the Love of Links

December 14, 2012


We need enough protection.  Not too much. This is one of those bubbles that need not be popped, but stomped out of existence. The best part, if the President slow walks this one, he wins. Anything that makes WH40K more fun is great. I… can’t beLieve…This. We can map it, we just don’t know the […]

Mostly a disaster of our own crafting

December 11, 2012


We can practice terraforming. Zepplins make a comeback in near future sci-fi, now in concept planes. And we may be able to eat it, too. One degree of warming is 1 meter of sea level rise. If we do not do this our children should not only hate us, they should probably sacrifice us to […]