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An apology to my daughter

November 9, 2016


Today I have to explain to my daughter why an openly racist, sexist, serial-adulterer who peddles fear and hate won an election over an eminently qualified woman who while not perfect, has never actually committed a crime. Today I have to explain to my daughter why a man who routinely swindles his employees and steals […]


November 8, 2016


If you are legally allowed to vote in the United States and have not already, please do so. If you are not legally allowed to vote in the United States find an online poll and join the general madness. And if you you’ve looked through this blog and didn’t realize, I’m with Her. That is […]

Sometimes I take a Great Notion

December 10, 2015


Occasionally I do write, or think about writing about politics.  Because this is my blog and I’ll do what I want. Many times, others do it much better.   That is all.

This is a morass from which I must extricate myself

September 8, 2014


The purpose of football is violence.  It is at the heart of the sport.  It is the reason the sport exists. I did not, as a child, play flag football.  I did not play flag football because I saw no point in playing football if I wasn’t allowed to hit people.  The contact, the collision […]

Scream into the Storm

February 11, 2014


I’m late to the game on this one but I have some thoughts on the debate between Bill Nye and Ken Ham. First, I am not impartial.  Creationism is not a valid scientific theory.  An oral tradition from a bunch of bronze age shepherds that eventually got written down does not make a valid scientific […]

I want to welcome our machine overlords, and HURRY UP AND DIE!

February 11, 2013


This was going to be two posts but the first burbled in my head too long and merged with the second.  Since they tie together, vaguely, I did just that.  Probably with duct tape, like the people in the basement.  It’s been a long week. I walk around with the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.  […]

Wayne LaPierre, go fuck yourself

December 21, 2012


I am violating my own policies about civil discourse.  But no less a luminary than Stephan King said, “Don’t use defecate when you mean shit. So Wayne, go fuck yourself.