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My Review: Pariah by Dan Abnett

January 7, 2013


I have not read any of Abnett’s work outside of the Games Workshop sandbox.  This is not the book that will have me making the jump. There will be a spoiler soon.  Since it took me all of 3 pages to figure it out I don’t feel bad about it. Pariah is the story of […]

My review: Cold Days by Jim Butcher

December 26, 2012


I have not been reading the Dresden File books from the beginning.  I have read all of them, but I started with Dead Beat, because, you know, a T-Rex in downtown Chicago.  After that I started with the beginning of the series. That is probably where everyone should start.  Butcher may be trapped by his […]

My Review: Redshirts A novel with three Codas by John Scalzi

December 11, 2012


I read John Scalzi’s blog, Whatever, for nearly a year before I read any of his books.  That first one was The God Engines.  What I realized after reading that, and his blog posts, and his movie critic column  that has since been discontinued is Mr. Scalzi is one of the few authors whom I will […]

Lumia 920, 2 weeks in

December 10, 2012


Full disclosure, I was getting a Windows Phone.  I made that determination after seeing Phone 7.  Nothing that happened between now and then changed my mind. That being said there were choices to be made in the Phone 8 world.  At least two.  The Lumia 920 and the HTC 8x.  With the phones being priced […]