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This is a morass from which I must extricate myself

September 8, 2014


The purpose of football is violence.  It is at the heart of the sport.  It is the reason the sport exists. I did not, as a child, play flag football.  I did not play flag football because I saw no point in playing football if I wasn’t allowed to hit people.  The contact, the collision […]

I wash my hands of you

February 6, 2013


Fuck off Games Workshop. I’m going to dip down into the deep and petty and the vile for this one. Where do you assholes get the balls for this?  I’ve seen your pictures in your piss rag of an advertiesment you make people pay for.  Between the lot of the male members of your staff […]

Wayne LaPierre, go fuck yourself

December 21, 2012


I am violating my own policies about civil discourse.  But no less a luminary than Stephan King said, “Don’t use defecate when you mean shit. So Wayne, go fuck yourself.

He has traded integrity for power, and speaks only hate

December 21, 2012


Fred Clark, said in this blog post, that he feels bad for James Dobson.  I respect Mr. Clark.  His blog is one of my favorite reads.  I can’t agree with him on this. What Dobson said on his radio show on Monday is inexcusable. My parents listened to christian radio as I was growing up.  […]

My path, forged by and away from my past.

December 17, 2012


Despite the union background I grew up in a mostly conservative setting.  I attended school in the largest city in northeastern Michigan but I certainly grew up rural.  I did everything I could to get away, as soon as I could, but that’s not what I want to talk about.  Although moving away did allow […]

More guns equals less shooting?

December 14, 2012


To every parent in Newtown, CT who has lost a child, to any who have lost a loved one today, I do not have the words to express my condolences.  I can not contemplate the  terror you must be experiencing.  I can imagine no horror worse than losing a child. Thank you Charles Pierce, for […]

Ashamed to be an American, where only wealth can set you free

December 12, 2012


This will be a fairly wide ranging opinion screed. Let’s start with HSBC.  Yes, they had to pay the largest fine in history.  So what?  Look at the wiki link.  HSBC is a company with a market cap of 166 billion dollars.  They have assets of 2.637 trillion dollars.  Or 2637 billion dollars.  The fine […]