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February 8, 2017


She was seven when they started talking to her.  Fakhera didn’t know what they were but they loved to see her.  To help her.  They told her when her parents were asleep.  They told her when the cat was about to sneak outside.  They told her so many things.  Sometimes bad things. They were at […]


November 2, 2016


Joy. It’s November. And NANOWRIMO rises to loom over my Twitter feed once again. Last year was the first year I did anything worthwhile in Nano. I wrote a touch over 51000 words then kept going because it was the middle 51000 words. There were 25000 left. Then I edited. And edited. And edited. Now I’m […]

More words I’ve already written

October 7, 2016


They stood in a valley surrounded by olive trees.  Alvah sneezed.  He hated the damn things.  They always made his eyes water and his throat clog. “Did we have to do this here?” “I like the trees.  I always visit this valley when we travel here.  Also the spirits here are different.  Less tame.  They […]

Next Steps

October 5, 2016


While I wait for the massive wave of form rejections I’m trying to decide what to work on next. Right now, at this point in space-time, I’m studying two hours a night for server certifications. I want into a role at work that will allow me to interact less with clients. Make me an engineer […]

Newest query

September 29, 2016


Argle bargle I hate writing these. It’s too much like writing a book report. Here’s the newest one. Anton Sidorov’s deaths don’t concern him. They just mean a new start as a new person. His adopted daughter Maria’s murder is another matter entirely. Maria’s death tears at barriers Anton and his past selves spent centuries […]


September 2, 2016


The Greysoul’s will, the Greysoul’s presence, fills the room.  In twenty-thousand years, he has never turned the full weight of what he is on someone.  He does now. Ajbars desperately throws attack after attack.  Anton deflects the first two with a wave of his hand.  The third he stops with a small act of will.  […]

The stars our legacy

August 12, 2016


This is a tale of our first halting steps into the stars. A tale of when we were all one kind. A tale before we were deep ones, before we were belters, before we were airless. A tale of when we were all simply human. It is said we rose from a one planet, one […]