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November 2, 2016


Joy. It’s November. And NANOWRIMO rises to loom over my Twitter feed once again. Last year was the first year I did anything worthwhile in Nano. I wrote a touch over 51000 words then kept going because it was the middle 51000 words. There were 25000 left. Then I edited. And edited. And edited. Now I’m […]

Nano Hangover

December 3, 2015


Not really though.  I was hoping to get more done last month but since it was the highest output I’ve ever had I don’t know how realistic that is.  Of the five verified pros I buddied up with one of them outpaced me by almost 2 to 1, once wrote 5k more words than I […]

So that happened

November 30, 2015


I love that phrase. I won Nanowrimo.  Which means I won the right to write another 30k to 40k words.  I’m excited. This is the first time in my adult life passion and priority have lined up.  That’s not to say I haven’t ignored priority for passion, but I’m older now.  It’s possible age is […]